What Chicken?

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Pictures from the Chicken Run

Easter Egg (closest), Crevecouer, Big Red, and Phoenix.

we love to make compost! (Big Girl -check out the feathery legs- and Phoenix/Meanie)
running around the yard

Friday, May 19, 2006

Blue Chicken is a Rooster!

I guess that McMurray made a mistake. While one might argue that maybe blue chicken just has a very developed comb, after witnessing some of the "attacks" on the other chicks, I am thinking it is definite.
Chris asked me if he could eat him. I said no.

Sunday, May 14, 2006


So it was getting kinda stinky in the bathroom (23 chickens + expensive organic feed = lots of poop), so Chris encouraged me to overcome my tendency to procrastinate and get going on the chicken house. We considered several designs before settling on a stylish, but appropriately rural, 4 foot by 8 foot lattice and chicken wire sided coop with a shed roof covered in tin. We used as many reclaimed materials as we could find (the tin was in the backyard and the 2x4s were donated by a friend). A couple of evenings and a weekend worth of work and voila. . .

The chickens were transported to their new home

and after some initial confusion

seemed to settle in just fine.

The long awaited update

Been busy, lots of stuff, pictures on the disk in the camera, blah, blah (other excuses). . .

So of course, a lot has happened in chicken land (since approximately 10 years of chicken time have passed since my last post). I totally jinxed myself with the spontaneous chicked post because we had three chicks die in a week. One of the puffballs (partridge cochin) seemed to have choked on her food (or at least that was our guess since she seemed fine). Two others (a red cap and araucana) stopped eating and also died. Meanie (phoenix) has been reintroduced to the group and has stopped pecking eyes; however, Flyer (redcap in "and flying!" post) started pulling feathers out of the other chicks, so she is living by herself in the bathtub.

The chicks got a new feeder and waterer, moved out of the tub into a big box and now have moved outside to the chicken house we built.

Next post, moving. . .