What Chicken?

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Did you notice how cute I am?

Because her eye has healed, she - along with the rest of the docile chick bunch - are back with the others. Wish her luck!

Update: She is doing very well. No more pecked eye.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Better late than. . .

. . .never.

I know that several of you have been waiting desperately for a new post.

Well, the chicks arrived Monday. We got a call from a woman at the post office who said, with a great deal of consternation, "Please pick up your chickens." We put off the delivery (originally scheduled in the middle of February, due to Mardi Gras. We learned from the copious amount of web-based chicken literature that you cannot just up and leave the chicks in the first weeks of life. And we (or at least I) needed a little bit of Mardi Gras.

More about the chicks-
They were born March 4th (according to a sticker on the box). There were twenty-six (more about the "were" later). We received (in order according to the packing slip):

3 Partridge Cochins
2 Dark Brahmas
2 Buff Laced Polish
2 Golden Polish
2 Crevecoeurs
2 Mottled Houdans
1 Dominique
1 Golden Wyandotte
1 Phoenix
2 Red Caps
2 Araucanas
2 Blue Andalusians
2 Rhode Island Reds
1 Silver Laced Wyandotte

Plus 1 bonus "Free Rare Chick"

All are female except possibly the bonus chick.

Because I cannot identify the breeds by sight yet, I am not sure which is which.

About the "were"-
They warn you that you might have "losses." Well, little grey chick was having a hard time. She kept falling into the water tray and could not get up. We separated her from the others to keep an eye on her. After about 24hrs, she seemed to be doing better. She was not crying (i.e., chirping loundly and sharply) anymore, seemed to be able to stand and walk without falling over, and ate some feed out of my hand. So she was reintroduced into the smaller flock of docile chicks. Chris found her later, drowned in the water tray. So now there are twenty-five chicks.

The only other problems are that we have one super-aggressive lady who pecks all the other chicks and a poor little chick-chick who had her eye pecked by the other chicks. They have been separated (aggressive by herself and pecked-eye with the less aggressive ladies.