What Chicken?

Sunday, May 14, 2006


So it was getting kinda stinky in the bathroom (23 chickens + expensive organic feed = lots of poop), so Chris encouraged me to overcome my tendency to procrastinate and get going on the chicken house. We considered several designs before settling on a stylish, but appropriately rural, 4 foot by 8 foot lattice and chicken wire sided coop with a shed roof covered in tin. We used as many reclaimed materials as we could find (the tin was in the backyard and the 2x4s were donated by a friend). A couple of evenings and a weekend worth of work and voila. . .

The chickens were transported to their new home

and after some initial confusion

seemed to settle in just fine.


Anonymous Room 20 said...

Sarah says ...the turken looks cool... Emily M... the chicken coop looks better than my Uncle Dan's - good job! .... Colin- Do the chickens like the coop better than the bathtub? ... Even in the chicken world there seems to be bullies ...
everyone says good luck, thanks, hope no more die... keep us posted... thanks again


11:50 AM  

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