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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Meet Lame Wing

We are not sure whether or not she arrived this way. Maybe she injured herself as a chick or maybe it is a birth defect. She can move her wing, but mostly just drags it along. Sometimes she has to step over it. But she seems ok. She doesn't just lay around the coop feeling sorry for herself. She gets out and scratches around and has figured out how to get in and out of the coop, just like the rest of the chickens (actually, better in some cases). She is very docile and will sometimes come up to us and let us massage her wing.

A surprising thing that we have noticed is that the other chicks do not pick on her, which you might expect based on most chicken information.


Anonymous Christina said...

Very interesting wee bird! :) I found this post in your blog via a web search trying to find info on injured wings and amputation issues in chickens. It's nice to see this girl getting along pretty darn well considering. I really wish you knew more of her history, I'd love to ask a ton of questions as I am dealing with an injured bird at the moment and trying to make a decision about her wing.

GREAT BLOG by the way! Chickens RULE!

5:48 AM  

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